Nuclear Music Group's mission is to pioneer the use of advanced AI technologies in the music business, leveraging our innovative and scalable solutions for music industry data analysis and automation for music companies of all sizes.


Our vision is to shape an AI-driven music industry, creating the ultimate digital companion for enhanced business decision-making. By leveraging our leading-edge AI solutions, we aim to arm music industry executives with accurate data, critical insights, and smart predictive models, redefining excellence in executive decision-making within the music industry.


Nuclear Music Group (NMG) is ushering in a new era in the music industry, seamlessly blending music production and technology. As a progressive Music-Tech Hybrid company, we are at the intersection of traditional music creation and the innovative realms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

At NMG, we pride ourselves on our commitment to exceptional music production. Our passionate team has extensive experience across multiple genres, nurturing talent, and pushing creative boundaries. But music is only half the story.

We are deeply invested in conducting ground-breaking research in AI and ML. Our cutting-edge research sets us apart, as we explore ways to fine-tune existing AI models and use transfer learning techniques to shape the future of music business intelligence.